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Poetic justice

A poetic response to a global health crisis.

Global health crisis

Everyone is very scared

Nurses; our heroes.


From where we are now

New hope emerges quickly

A new beginning.


Masks cover our face

Our hearts alone show we care

Deep breath in; exhale.


Here we are waiting

Light appears after darkness

Changed lives forever.


A Phoenix rises

From ash of what used to be

We are stronger now.


Stress, burnout, sweat, tears

Solace in our unity

Stronger together.


Six feet apart now

Tomorrow is a new day,

Side by side we stand.


Now forever changed

A butterfly emerges.

Ready for what’s next.


Meek, mild and frightened

Challenges make me stronger

See me, hear me roar.


Freedom is calling.

We do what we have to do.

This chapter is ours.



About Jessica Rochon

Jessica Rochon, RPN, has been nursing for 10 years. She graduated from Canadore College in 2011 and worked in Forensic Psychiatry for five years at the North Bay Regional Health Centre.  In 2016, she moved on to Canadore College as a mental health nurse (Triage Navigator) in Student Success Services.  Most recently, she has transitioned to the Campus Health Centre at Canadore College/Nipissing University as the Practical Nurse in the clinic.  Jessica is currently waiting to attend Clinical Skills in Well Women Care at McMaster University.