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My journey in healthcare

G. Randall finds growth as a registered practial nurse every day.

If you travel along the road of being a health care provider, you will probably come across a variety of personalities and cultures each adding to your personal growth. I entered the world of nursing as a novice and still continue to grow each day in my chosen field of practice. I was not aware of the toll it took on you personally, but that I guess that is how you gain experience and learn while you navigate the wide field of nursing.

I cannot say it was a pleasant or not rigorous journey, but along the way, it enabled me to map out the path I chose to take. When I graduated from nursing school over 6 years ago I was not aware of the culture of nursing and the harsh reality of how nurses sometimes treat each other as they now enter that world of healthcare. I still love the interaction of nurses and patients as patients give feedback wanted and/or unwanted according to how you choose to accept their advice. I often asked myself, do I fit into this culture of pain, death, and healing to which I often reply Yes. I chose this profession, not because of the following: glamour, tired feet, accolades, pay package, verbal or physical attacks by disoriented patients, awards, friendships, long hours, sleepless nights, dark circles under my eyes, hectic work environment, lost family time and not being appreciated for work you did well but for the connection with various individuals, a smile, a warm embrace from a family who lost a loved one, a touch of assurance to my patient’s that you are there and I see you not as a number, but as an individual.

There is a motif of emotions that goes with being a Registered Practical Nurse and the selfless reward that I  make a difference each day. I cannot say that I have no regrets about being a nurse, but each day I focus on what I have accomplished and will continue to do in my journey. I look forward to guiding young novice nurses as I once was and giving them all the necessary guidance. Being a placement student on the job training is overwhelming, but through it all, I survived. It may seem a bit extreme but I know as a  young RPN student it was a challenge learning on the job and being judged by your peers. The kaleidoscope of emotions as a nurse is ever-present, but being an RPN is truly rewarding.  I experience an embrace of how technology continues to become the focal point in changing nursing healthcare in today’s world. I look forward to seeing you on that road.

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