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Lindsay Coakley: Following in Mom’s footsteps

Lindsay Coakley, a practical nursing student is the recipient of 2021 WeRPN Student Award of Excellence.

Lindsay Coakley, a practical nursing student, is one of two recipients of the 2021-2022 Canadian Nursing Foundation awards.

Lindsay and Patricia Cichocki, a practical nursing graduate, pursuing her BScN degree, were judged the best in the WeRPN Awards for Student Excellence category.

Lindsay, who’s currently in her second year at St. Clair College said the award has encouraged her to continue striving for greatness in her studies.

She said she opted for a nursing career after watching her mother, a registered nurse of 30 years. Lindsay said she witnessed her mother’s hard work and dedication daily and remains inspired by her.

“I am passionate about health promotion and disease prevention/management,” Lindsay said. “By choosing practical nursing as a career path, I feel as though I can have a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of those in my direct care. The field of nursing is continuously expanding, and as someone who welcomes a challenge, there will never be a shortage of opportunities.”

Last year, during her placement at a long term care home during the second wave of COVID-19, Lindsay saw firsthand the impact the pandemic had on the residents. For many, the home’s staff and students were the only people they interacted with.

Lindsay said the nurses and other staff, not only helped with the residents’ physical wellbeing but their mental health as well. Presently, she works at London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC) as a clinical extern.

Lindsay’s keys to success: practicing time management, a desire to learn, and hard work.

“I constantly remind myself why I chose to pursue nursing,” she said. “That, and I am not afraid of asking questions,” Lindsay said adding these traits are instrumental in her academic success.