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10 self care tips for nurses

Our 10 best ideas for putting yourself first, with apps to support.

1. Practice Mindful Eating

Be conscious of what you’re eating and when. Preparing foods ahead of time or in batches that can  be frozen reduces the need to purchase fast foods. Better nutrition = better overall health. 

App: MyPlate food log

2. Increase Your Fluid Intake

It’s recommended that an adult drink 2+L of fluids per day. We know this can be hard to maintain, so use a water bottle to measure your intake, add flavours you like and include water-rich foods in your diet. 

App: Hydro Coach

3. Improving sleep by eliminating electronics before bed

Reducing your exposure to light and electronics an hour before bedtime can help you relax your mind so that you are better able to fall asleep and stay asleep. 

App: Calm

4. Set a sleep schedule

Try your best to create a regular sleep routine. This is particularly important for shift workers to ensure that they have enough time to recharge. You may need more sleep than you think!

App: Sleepfulness App

5. Set exercise goals

Pick an activity to increase your exercise for  30 minutes/5 times a week = 150 minutes.  Regular exercise will help you improve your mind  and mood. It can be as simple as taking a walk! 

App: My Fitness Pal

6. Set yourself up for exercise success

Find activities that engage you and make you happy. For some, a group activity is more engaging than an individual pursuit. If you are doing something you like, you have a better chance of success. Looking forward to an activity that fits your preferences is important  and makes exercise fun! 

App: FitBit

7. Limit your social media exposure

While social media keeps us connected, too much  time on social media can have a negative impact  on your mood. Set timers and limit your time.  This includes using your phone.

App: Offtime

8. Manage stress by taking the time to STOP!

Stop, Take a breath, Observe what’s happening around you, then Proceed with a helpful action. This pause will give you an opportunity to stop, reflect and reset, then move forward with something positive in mind! 

App: Happify

9. Choose positive coping methods when stressed

Find what works best for you to manage stress. Positive coping strategies can include relaxing by listening to music, refocusing with meditation or exercise and if this isn’t enough, seek counselling to help you through stressful situations.

App: Headspace

10. Take a mindful break and recharge!

Do this as often as needed, especially during a stressful day at work! Step away from the situation, refocus for a few minutes, pay attention to your situation without judgement, and be kind to your mind.