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A Day in the Life

Diverse Specialties, One Heartbeat of Care Across the sprawling landscape of Ontario, from the bustling heart of Toronto to the far north of the province, thousands of practical nurses start their day with a singular purpose: to care. Their titles and where they work may differ, and their daily routines may seem worlds apart, but … We are Practical Nursing Read More »

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Fostering a More Inclusive Future for all Nurses 3 min read

As the voice for Ontario’s registered practical nurses (RPNs), we are committed to fostering a culture of inclusivity, equity and empathy within our profession. This summer, during a gathering of the International Congress of Nurses (ICN) in Montr

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Rebuilding our Sense of Self 4 min read

The past several years have been some of the more trying times for our profession; we’ve put our lives and the lives of our loved ones at risk throughout the pandemic, battled exhaustion, working long hours with increased workloads amidst critical

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2023 Board Nominees  8 min read

At WeRPN, our strategic direction is led by our committed Board of Directors. Here are the RPNs seeking to represent their colleagues across the province. Region 1 Region 1 – Candidate Lindsay Pentland Lindsay Pentland grew up in Windsor-Essex,

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Caring Connections 9 min read

Navigating Alzheimer’s with Compassion Mum’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis wasn’t a shock, but it was still tough to take. We knew her cognitive abilities were declining: It started with confusion around dates. She misplaced her car in a small parkin

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The Nursing Crisis in Ontario 4 min read

Urgent Actions Needed to Rebuild Pride in the Profession This summer, WeRPN released its annual survey report, “The State of Nursing in Ontario: A 2023 Review”. The report helped highlight the disturbing reality in healthcare by collecting and an

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WeRPN Fellowships are Advancing Care in Real-world Contexts 8 min read

As part of our research strategy, WeRPN is committed to growing the body of knowledge about the RPN role and the contributions that RPNs make to the health system. To help support this goal, each year, WeRPN provides funding for two RPN research fell

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Queen’s Park Dispatches 4 min read

ADVOCACY Upcoming Advocacy Opportunities Throughout the fall and winter, WeRPN will host a series of advocacy town halls across the province. These events will bring together elected officials and local RPNs in person to discuss and recognize challen

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Roadmap to Wellness 11 min read

Nurses among first responders to be treated for post-traumatic stress injuries at new facilities Nurses face an environment filled with traumatic events and stress not unlike firefighters, paramedics, police. Officials will break ground for a new fac

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BEGIN a new career path 10 min read

Meagan Carter has wanted to become an RPN ever since she took an aptitude test in grade 8 that concluded she should be a nurse. Although she started in the RPN program, she switched to the personal support worker (PSW) course after only one semester

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Building trust and connecting with Indigenous patients 6 min read

More Indigenous RPNs and PSWs a good thing for Indigenous healthcare Morgan French is an Indigenous RPN from Chippewas of Southwest Ontario whose first experience of the Aboriginal Health Access Centre (SOAHAC) was as a patient. French became an RPN

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Advancing palliative care 4 min read

Providing palliative care when and where It’s needed.

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