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Thank You for Being a Friend.

The Crucial Role of Workplace Friendships in Nursing.

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The State of Nursing in Ontario: A 2022 Review  8 min read

Nursing in Ontario is in a state of crisis.  In May 2022, WeRPN commissioned a study to examine the issues currently facing nursing professionals in the province. The findings prove what many of us already fear: that for most nurses in Ontario,

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BEGIN a new career path 10 min read

Meagan Carter has wanted to become an RPN ever since she took an aptitude test in grade 8 that concluded she should be a nurse. Although she started in the RPN program, she switched to the personal support worker (PSW) course after only one semester

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Enough is Not Good Enough 4 min read

This summer, the pressures placed on nurses in Ontario reached a boiling point with ER closures in communities across the province. Our Minister of Health was shockingly out of touch, saying the closing of ERs was “not unprecedented,” especially

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We are Grateful 2 min read

This will be my final President’s address, and it’s been the hardest one to write. I will step down in October and another President will take my place. I am grateful to have the opportunity to serve one more year as past president before leaving

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A patient’s perspective 3 min read

It was a normal February evening for Michael*— until it wasn’t. After developing chest pain, shortness of breath and heavy sweating, he was taken in an ambulance to the ER. He was having a heart attack.  His wife was told she couldn’t come wit

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Flatlining: The critical state  of health care  in Ontario 10 min read

Steven Cedrone could be any patient. He suffered a spinal cord injury in April and was taken to the emergency room  of an Ontario hospital with severe back pain. Although he first arrived at the ER with normal feeling and function in his legs, bladd

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WeRPN Announcements  2 min read

Dr. Leigh Chapman named CNO of Canada  Canada once again has a Chief Nursing Officer (CNO). Dr. Leigh Chapman was elected to represent nurses at the federal level and provide strategic advice to Health Canada.  The CNO position was disconti

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Putting Yourself First 4 min read

“Take care of yourself so that you can care for others.” This is an adage often forgotten in our demanding personal and professional lives. But it’s an important one to remember, especially for nurses who play a critical role in the operation o

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Grace Felix, RPN, WeRPN Ambassador & BEGIN Case Manager 3 min read

As an RPN, WeRPN Ambassador, and BEGIN case manager, Grace Felix knows first-hand how important it is to recruit and support nurses in the Long-Term Care and Community Care sectors.

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Innovation Comes to WeRPN’s Annual General Meeting 3 min read

On October 28th 2021, WeRPN hosted its 63rd – and second virtual – Annual General Meeting (AGM). This year we embraced an innovative virtual platform to deliver an informative and inspirational event for our members.

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Nursing Outside the Box 23 min read

Opportunity is everywhere with an education in practical nursing. We talked to nurses who have used their nursing education and experience as the launching point to many different careers. While the careers of these RPNs are diverse, there’s one th

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